What We Do

Who we are and what makes us tick.

Who We Are

Ghost Bear Digital is a media company founded by Artists, Coders, Bloggers, Photographers, Animators, and Music Producers. Founded in 2017, our goal is to express media in creative ways. We provide content that is focused on creative fields.

We create projects in different formats from static HTML to Django, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript. Our focus is on the user experience. We incorporate design and development in our projects.

We are beat makers and producers with years of experience in mixing, creating, and remixing tracks. We offer lease and purchase options for use in different projects.

Our slogan is Creative Media. We don’t believe in boundaries and we work internationally. We maintain platforms for creators and expand on what they offer. As Media changes, so do we.

We Create

We create content and build our own Web Apps

We Capture

We record the world around us through sight and sound

We are Producers

We produce and design sound, video, and motion

We solve problems in a creative way. We think of the user first and evolve with the technology around us.

The best solutions created are a reflection of us as well as the end result.

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